What it takes to be in MAN UP!

Creating a MAN UP! production is a challenging process. Our productions reflect our message of vulnerability and authenticity.. As this means something different to each person in our audience, we rely on a collaborative environment with our performers and artists. Our rehearsal process is filled with trust, truth, and acceptance so that we are able to express ourselves courageously onstage.

MAN UP! incorporates a wide range of performance styles in our productions, from pole dancing to boylesque, circus to musical theatre; our limits are only as high as our heels will take us.



Gregory Caswell
Co-artistic director/founder

Gregory Caswell recently celebrated his 16th anniversary as an Edmonton-based theatre artist. A graduate of the Grant McEwan Theatre Arts program, Gregory is a Sterling-nominated theatre artist (Best Fringe Production, 2011) with playwright, director, producer, performer, and choreographer credits. He is best known for his Edmonton International Fringe Festival hits Spearsical the Musical: The Britney Spears Musical, Hooked, To HELL With The RULES!, and the five-star held-over sensation MAN UP! 

MAN UP! came from Gregory’s desire to remove the shame he was experiencing from feeling as though he was not living up to the expectations society had placed on him as a man. Based on the response to the original MAN UP! production, and the follow-ups BONDAGE: A Tribute to 007 and SPICE BOYS, it is clear he and his team have landed on a strong message his audience identifies with. Gregory strives to reach a larger audience with MAN UP! and to extend the healing message around the Alberta and beyond. 

In addition to creating productions, Gregory is a boylesque performer, pole dancer, improviser, and musical theatre instructor. He produces the monthly show Commedia Burlesco. He is proud to call Alberta home, not only for the many opportunities it has offered, but for the potential it holds.




A neoclassical ballet dancer by training, Joshua has been active in the Edmonton dance community since he was 13. He is a graduate of Victoria School of the Arts, and of the Sandra Gray School of Dancing. Trained most recently at Codarts University for the Arts in the Netherlands, Joshua has had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest minds in contemporary and neoclassical dance, including Jiri Kylian, Ed Wubbe, and Krisztina de Châtel, among others. 

He is Associate Artistic Director of the Tony Olivares Dance Company, Edmonton’s only all-male professional contemporary dance company; and Choreographer/ Associate Director for MAN UP!, Edmonton’s only all-male high-heel revue. His own work seeks to bridge the gaps between conventional techniques, and to further cross-disciplinary collaboration among artists. 

Joshua has trained and performed across Europe, North America, and the Middle East. His passion for dance and travel blend seamlessly as he believes that dance is the ultimate expression of one’s culture and beliefs, and by travelling one is able to be fully immersed into new experiences.