Stop Right Now...Thank You Very Much! It's Time to Meet the SPICE BOYS!!

Tell me what you want…what you really really want! After making a splash with its premiere at City Hall for the IGLA Opening Reception in August, MAN UP! – Edmonton’s all-male all high-heel revue – brings SPICE BOYS to La Cité Francophone Nov 25 & 26. Featuring all the hits from arguably the best girl group of the 90s, this fun gender-twisting production is poised to offer a healthy helping of spice to the city’s early holiday theatre season.

In honour of the 20th anniversary of Wannabe, the MAN UP! brothers have envisioned each iconic Spice persona as her male alter-ego, describing the production as one part tribute and one part performance art. You’ll be surprised how much each of them has in common with their favourite Spice Girl. Allow us to introduce you to the SPICE BOYS!

SPICE BOYS – along with a special screening of the iconic classic Spice World – plays La Cité Francophone for two shows only, November 25 & 26.