EDMONTON, ALBERTA – Tell me what you want…what you really really want! After making a splash with its premiere at City Hall for the International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics World Championships in August, MAN UP!  – Edmonton’s all-male all high-heel revue – bringsSPICE BOYSto the stage. Featuring all the hits from arguably the best girl group of the 90s, this fun, gender-twisting production is poised to offer a healthy helping of spice to the city’s early holiday theatre season.

MAN UP!,  which premiered at the 2015 Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival with their five-star, heldover, self-titled smash hit, has since been fearlessly exploring themes of gender, sexuality,vulnerability, and authenticity through their fun and inventive productions. But SPICE BOYShas quickly become MAN UP! Artistic Director Gregory Caswell’s favourite project to date.

“I’ve been obsessed with the Spice Girls for a very long time, and so it’s an absolute blast revisiting their material and their role in 90s pop culture,” says Caswell, who brings his version Ginger Spice to the production. “Their message of independence, friendship, feminism and authenticity affected a lot of people, regardless of gender. SPICE BOYS explores these themes – supportive friendship, the embrace of femininity – but invites men to the party as well.”

In honour of the 20th anniversary of Wannabe , the MAN UP!  artistic team has envisioned each iconic Spice Girl persona as her male alter-ego, describing the production as one-part tribute and one-part performance art.

“Gender policing has always been a part of our culture, but recently, we have become more aware of its negative impact on the world around us,” he explains. “While we do our best to have a heck of a lot of fun with each of our productions, MAN UP!’s mission is to subversively shake up how society relates to masculinity. Ultimately, we hope they walk away from the show with a smile on their face, but also with confidence in their authenticity.”

Dressed in high heels, MAN UP!  delivers a message of self-love, finding confidence in one’s vulnerability, and security in one’s sexuality. SPICE BOYS , along with a special screening of the iconic classic Spice World , plays La Cité Francophone November 25 & 26 for two shows only. 

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