Cirque Electrique

DAMN EVERYTHING BUT THE CIRCUS! Beau Creep shares insight on MAN UP!'s provocative new production

Welcome to Cirque Electrique! Outside, a dystopian world is run by sinister forces seeking to destroy free will and to deprive people of their light – their voice. But at the circus, the show must go on.

Photo by Vintage Photography.

Photo by Vintage Photography.

MAN UP!'s new high-energy production is not unlike a three ring circus. In addition to jaw-dropping group numbers, Cirque Electrique showcases each MAN UP! member's unique talents as they embody the colourful characters of the circus. At times hilarious and others heartbreaking, Cirque Electrique has something for everyone in the audience.

But after their tongue-in-cheek send up to James Bond, and the bubble gum pop homage to the Spice Girls, you might be wondering:


So, why the circus? 



We turned to Beau Creep (Brennan Doucet) for his take on Cirque Electrique.

“The circus seemed like a natural choice for a MAN UP! show. Where else can you find clowns and singers and acrobats and dancers and magic all under one roof? While we love performing collectively with each other, we also bring our own unique talents and, for lack of a better word, weirdness. But while the theme allows us to incorporate our unique styles and talents, it also goes a bit deeper. 

A lot of circuses and travelling carnivals in the early 1900's were comprised of performers who didn't fit in anywhere else in society. Whether they looked differently or just thought differently, they were considered outcasts. The circus not only gave these beautiful weirdos a home, it put them centre stage where they could showcase their unique talents while challenging societal taboos and mocking the patriarchal systems that made them outsiders.

Much of what MAN UP! strives to do through each of our productions (whether lightheartedly through shows like Spice Boys, or decidedly darker, like Cirque), is to challenge oppressive societal norms and to do so in a way that allows us to be our authentic and vulnerable selves. We have all adapted some very exciting classic circus character tropes for this show including (of course) clowns, lion tamers, ringmasters, roadies, and even an overly enthusiastic lion cage cleaner. We embrace our inner weirdo - our inner clown - and create an immersive and colourful show that has quite literally, something for everyone!”

MAN UP!’s Cirque Electrique plays Evolution Wonderlounge April 7 & 8 (Doors 8 Show 9).

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