Taking entertainment to new heights...

MAN UP! looks for fun and inventive ways to redefine masculinity. No matter what, it's always a party. Here's our productions to date.



Sexuality. Masculinity. Vulnerability. Authenticity. Nothing’s off-limits as these men take back fashion’s most provocative footwear - the high heel. 

MAN UP! played the 2015 Edmonton International Fringe Festival, and was an official selection in Evolution Wonderlounge's EvoPRIDE2016 lineup.


bondage: a tribute to 007

On the heels of their five-star holdover Edmonton Fringe debut, MAN UP! pays homage to one of pop culture's favourite masculine icons in this irreverent boylesque revue.

BONDAGE: A TRIBUTE TO 007 premiered at the 2016 Jasper Pride Festival, and later performed a two-night engagement at Edmonton's Chvrch of John. The MAN UP! brothers invited some of Edmonton's top female burlesque performers for a special feature called Vespers.


spice boys

Tell me what you want, what you really really want…this holiday season! This year marks the Spice Girl’s 20th anniversary, and MAN UP! is throwing a massive party to celebrate – and everyone’s invited. From Wannabe all the way to Holler and everything in between, MAN UP! puts their signature twist on every iconic Spice Girl persona and mega chart-topping hit. 


cirque electrique

Tell me where the freaks at! Edmonton's all-male all-heels revue MAN UP! welcomes you to the circus in their brand new production, Cirque Electrique. After the rise of darkness in the external world, the performers of Cirque Electrique have been forced underground. But the show must go on! Classy, sexy, silly, and fun AF, MAN UP! promises you a night under the big top unlike any other.



Daddy issues? We all have them. MAN UP! (2015 Edmonton Fringe held-over five-star self-titled smash hit) are back to set the patriarchy ablaze. Dressed in sky-high heels (and not much else), these five men redefine masculinity with their signature brand of genderf*ckery

MAN UP! has Daddy Issues.jpg

MAN UP! presents heroes

“You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become a villain” - Batman

If life were a comic book, a superhero would appear at any moment to save the day. However, those we celebrate as heroes often turn out to be villains with good publicists. So what does it mean to be a hero in our reality? MAN UP! brings you an all-new production in their signature dance-theatre style, taking on what it means to be a hero and so much more.