Dressed in high heels, MAN UP! is an all-male revue that delivers a message of self-love, finding confidence in one’s vulnerability, and security in one’s sexuality.


Our Mission

MAN UP! strives to change the way our audience understands the term masculinity. We hope to be a catalyst that breaks down gender norms, encouraging all people to live shame-free and authentic lives. In doing so, diversity will be embraced, gender will truly be equalized, and we will grow into a happier, more peaceful society.

“Exceeding expectations of a bar cabaret, this hilarious, heartbreaking and damn funny male burlesque show in high heels is one of the great treasures of this year’s Fringe... Inspiring and a joy to behold. 5 out of 5 Stars” - Edmonton Journal

”Sex, smarts and sky-high heels. This sassy socio-political commentary strips down media-prescribed gender roles with a quick thrust of the hip, begging laughs, cheers and tears from an audience enthralled from the first exquisitely choreographed step. 5 out of 5 stars” - Vue Weekly

What We've Achieved

  • MAN UP!'s self-titled debut premiered at the 2015 Edmonton International Fringe Festival to sold-out audiences and five-star reviews. The production was held-over by the Fringe and named one of the best shows of the festival.
  • MAN UP! presents BONDAGE: A Tribute to 007, a James Bond-themed show was developed for the 2016 Jasper Pride Festival; 
  • MAN UP! presents SPICE BOYS, a Spice Girls-themed show was commissioned by the City of Edmonton for the Opening Gala of the International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics (IGLA) 2016 Championships. SPICE BOYS returned in November 2016 at La Cité Francophone and February 2017 at the Edmonton's Silver Skate Festival for encore performances.
  • MAN UP!'s Cirque Electrique premiered at 2017's Jasper Pride Festival and encored at Evolution Wonderlounge. 
  • MAN UP! has DADDY ISSUES marked the troupe's return to the Edmonton International Fringe Festival. The tour-de-force journey tackled the patriarchy and taught the importance of forgiveness for the men who came before us. The production received five-star reviews and audience acclaim.
  • MAN UP! performed a MainStage show at the 2017 Edmonton Pride Festival, and are preparing to slay Calgary's Pride Festival this September.
  • In addition to our full-length works, MAN UP! has performed at numerous community events and fundraisers, with collective attendance in excess of 3,500 in the Edmonton region.

why the high heel

The high heel was chosen as the symbol for MAN UP!’s message because of its connotations of discomfort and femininity. When a man wears a high heel, he is often ridiculed or threatened despite the fact that the shoe was traditionally worn by men.

We believe that the discomfort of the high heel is an appropriate echo to the discomfort our society experiences when presented with something out of the norm, while the strong feminine connotations of a high heel contrasts MAN UP!’s challenge of the societal definition of masculinity.